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Filemobile Newsletter - Issue 018 for December 2010

Issue 018 / December 2010

Filemobile Product & Platform Enhancement Update

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Over the past six months our team has implemented a number of enhancements under the hood of Media Factory that focus on platform scalability and reliability. While scaling transcoder instances in the cloud and updating our search server technology to improve database responsiveness is incredibly important, I want to highlight some of the new things that you can deploy right now for your audience.

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Filemobile featured as a NextMedia Digital Hot List Finalist

Tuesday, November 16th - Toronto, Ontario - The nextMEDIA Digital Hot List program seeks out and showcases the hottest emerging online properties, the most innovative new apps, games and tech solutions, and the freshest ideas from online content creators.

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Filemobile joins forces with dotSUB to provide site for Plural + and the UNAOC

New York, NY - Crowdspark has joined forces with dotSUB to provide the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations with a multi-language site for the Plural+ Youth Video Festival Winners.

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Cool Sites & Applications

National Geographic Photo Contest 2010

National Geographic Photo Contest 2010

Contest to 'capture the world in brilliant imagery. Great example of when a brand naturally fits with spectacular UGC

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Global treasure hunting using the web and GPS. What a great way to check out a new place or doing something interesting with friends - great mix of GPS and web tools for a modern take on the treasure hunt!

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Qwiki - Alpha


Experience based learning on any topic.Qwiki generates 'storyboards' of content to make information more accessible and interesting - Example - San Francisco.

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MovieClips - Beta


Movie clips site searchable by content, best of everything, etc. No time to watch a whole movie? Skip it and get to the good stuff - Eg - Action Sequences

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Curated UGC Video. Devour's site says it best: “Devour sifts out the best videos and posts the well-curated collection every weekday. Fewer cute kittens, fewer skateboarding nutshots, fewer tween heart throbs, and lots more awesome.”

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