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Filemobile Newsletter - Issue 017 for November 2010

Issue 017 / November 2010

Johnson Controls Launches the 'Campus Green Scene' Video Competition.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Crowdspark is pleased to announce the launch of the Johnson Controls Campus Green Scene Video Competition. Johnson Controls appreciates and supports those who commit to making a positive impact in our world by "greening

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Sauza Tequila launches the Sauza Revolution contest


Toronto, Ontario - Sauza Tequila has launched a user generated content contest called The Tequila Revolution that asks their audience to show them their "Sauza Side". The contest is open to all Canadians but users must be of legal drinking age to participate.

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Cool Sites & Applications

The Johnny Cash Project


A global project to collect everyone's illustrations of their image of Johnny Cash based upon a library of images which is used in sync with music. This is the best example of artistic UGC.

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The Guy at Home


Branded live streaming site promoting fundraising for charity. Interesting 'branded entertainment' tied to a case - an engaging site.

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Simposon's Bansky Opening


Banksy does a dark version of the classic Simpson's opening sequence. This is pretty edgy for the Simpson's!

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'Take Me Out' by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway


A viral video showing what you can do with an iPhone. Awesome and fun, this video had over two million views in the first week.

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Around the Loop


High speed journey aboard the TTC subway as it travels from Downsview Station to Finch station. It's fun to try and follow along to see where you are.

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Stock and Awe


BNN original series about a young professional getting her financial house in order Airs Mondays at 10PM ET / 7PM PT on BNN.

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