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Filemobile Newsletter - Issue 015 for September 2010

Issue 015 / September 2010

Fisher-Price launches the 'Best Little Laugh' contest across Canada

Fisher-Price is celebrating laughter, ingenuity and a fresh new look with a series of programs that encourage Canadian babies to play, laugh and grow. Over the next few months, Fisher-Price will launch its 'Best Little Laugh' contest as well as its new look and feel.

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3rd Annual Discovery Film Snacks Competition

Feel there’s an environmental story yet to be told? This is your chance to tell it! The Film Snacks Competition is a platform for the best of tomorrow’s film-making talent, featuring compelling short-films that build on environmental themes. You could have your film screened on the BIG screen, TV, and online!

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GreenHeroes Cross Platform project goes live

GreenHeroes is a cross platform project that includes a TV show airing on TVO and SUN TV, a website, user generated content contest and a blog. The GreenHeroes tag line is "Saving the planet one story at a time", and it has launched with 10 video episodes that feature various Green Heroes. These are people that are making a difference through their actions to raise awareness for various green causes.

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Thought Leadership

Gemini Award Nominations

Steve Hulford had a chance to judge the entries in the Best Cross-Platform Project - Non-Fiction. Congratulations to the nominees.

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Cool Sites & Applications

Hide A Case


From 1967-1991 Canadian Club hid 25 cases of CC in the most extraordinary locations in the world. Most were found, but 9 remain. Canadian Club is looking for people to join them on The Hunt to find the missing cases.

Star Wars Uncut


The ultimate fan site for Star Wars user generated versions of every scene in the movie. This site won an Emmy in the newly created 'interactive media' category.

The Wilderness Downtown


Now a viral sensation on the internet.An amazing example of how to mash up user context, HTML5, google maps and professional content to create a unique experience - something that could only be delivered by the web.



They've taken the potential of Skype for business and looked to perfect it … to get the most out of connecting people visually anywhere.

Canadian Tourism


A live event interactive mural where people can see tourists experience Canada in real time via tweets.

The Social Network Movie Premier


Technology startups and movie icons … this doesn't happen every day!

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