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Filemobile Newsletter - Issue 013 for July 2010

Issue 013 / July 2010

No Joke at Comedy Network - Web Video Morphs into Primetime TV

No Joke at Comedy Network - Web Video Morphs into Primetime TV

Having gathered more than 1,200 user-generated videos, uploaded by funny people across Canada, you'd think there'd be a TV show in there somewhere.

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UFCW Broadcasts from G20 with User Generated Content News


Canadian Trade Union UFCW organized a groundbreaking effort at Toronto's G20 summit in June.

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Filemobile Raises over $1,000 for Kids with Cancer

Filemobile Raises over $1,000 for Kids with Cancer

Today our team peddled to raise money for children and their families who are battling cancer. The event organized by Tucows raised over $18,000. Our team came in 4th with just over 26KM in 60 min. Here our Jayson Ambrose completes the very last leg and well as you can see he gave it his all.

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Apple’s iPad Power Play

Apple's iPad Power Play

Steve Jobs doesn’t seem to want Adobe anywhere near Apple’s devices, but what’s Flash’s fate with other systems and platforms?

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Thought Leadership

'UGC The Audience Delivers' as presented at NXNE


Founder and Chief Creative Officer Steve Hulford spoke at the NXNE Conference in Toronto in June. His presentation was called 'User Generated Content: The Audience Delivers'. Here is the contents of that presentation:

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Cool Sites & Applications



A YouTube channel dedicated to citizen journalism.

Great for highlighting and showcasing the power of citizen journalism - another source for news - the challenge remains that with public sites such as YouTube, they are separate media companies, so news organization still need to own their own solution and leverage public tools like these to collect and syndicate news.

YouTube Video Editor


Web-based Video Editor with a huge audio library.

Two cool products from Google this month. This video editor allows users to create new videos with soundtracks, however the application currently works only with YouTube so you can only publish content to YouTube.



Live streaming of all World Cup games.

Watch the World Cup anywhere!

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