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Filemobile Newsletter - Issue 012 for June 2010

Issue 012 / June 2010

Yesterday everyone on this list received three emails from our mail server. As one recipient told us "It wasn't awesome". Indeed it wasn't! I made a mistake and I am very sorry. I have been banned from managing the list, and I owe you all a beer. Thanks, Steve Hulford (formerly list manager)

Media Factory Product Update

Media Factory

We'd like to share some of our recent product enhancements, some of which you may already be using, and some that you may not have noticed:

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Brightcove and Crowdspark partner to make video social


Filemobile is pleased to announce a technology partnership, bringing together Brightcove’s market leading video players and platform, and Filemobile’s innovative multimedia comments application, powered by Media Factory.

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Noise Digital launches innovative Tic Tac campaign


Toronto, May 31st - 2010 - Noise Digital has launched the Tic Tac Small Fun Revolution for Ferrero Canada, a new digital brand campaign aimed at engaging 18-to-29-year-olds through sharing videos and creating and uploading creations that feature Tic Tacs or Tic Tac boxes.

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Canadian Living's Shape Over Contest Now in Third Round

Canadian Living

May 31st 2010 - Toronto, Ontario - Transcontinental's Canadian Living is running a contest called the Reitman's Shape Over Contest. Now in it's final phase the contest has received over 1,800 participants.

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Thought Leadership

Social Media for Business


The potential for social media beyond the marketing world.

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Cool Sites & Applications

'The Hero' Campaign - Sweden


Great example of UGC centric interactive film

We've seen many of these types of campaigns where a user can submit a photo which is integrated into a brand campaign, but this one is of the best ones.

FWA - Site of the Day


Reference for new and innovated web designs and sites

Just a good reference site to quickly see what innovative work is being done on the web.



NBC is launching an innovative campaign to engage viewers online through contests and activities where viewers earn points for activities

While the execution may not be 'beautiful', this is an early example of how the web can be used in a much more active way to engage audiences around television programming and leverage the public social networks to increase exposure of their broadcast lineup.

Fast Flip


Google Labs has a news aggregation site (similar to Google News) that tries to simulate the paper news experience more closely.

Great way to speed read the news and what is trending in a more engaging way - will be interesting to see how this project develops.

Brother Lion


Brother Lion was discovered in the jungles of Jamaica, and his song which was recorded on an iphone was produced into a beautiful reggae tune.

All music sales on itunes go directly into Brother Lion's bank account. This is a great song and the feel good story of the summer.

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